The IIIrd Command ov the Absolute Erection Smacking


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The third demo by the Experimental Black Metal mastermind GAPINGWOUNDFUCKER. This time done with more consistency and better production. This album is a stronger effort from the Mongolian one man band.

The lyrics for this album have been written in such a way that they may seem confusing, all over the place, or even random. This was done intentionally, as it represents the chaotic nature of war. The war in question is a war between Heaven and Hell. Of good vs. evil. Some songs are to be seen as a rare moment of clarity in this chaos. For example, “Awash in Blood” shows that one of the major factions on the side of Hell is the Brotherhood of Blood, and is basically their mission statement. See if you can catch some of the major battles and occurrences of this war as you listen through the album.


released November 20, 2014




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Track Name: Intro (Ov a Blazing Pentagram Under Blasphemous Northlands)
Hailing the blood red blasphemy.
Hail the dead pact.
War for a winter twilight.
War for an eternal crucifixion.

Gazing over the still pentagram,
surrounded by eternal demons,
in a blasphemic pentagram,
invoking a winter death of Christ.
Track Name: Drenched Sunshine ov the Super Baptist (Instrumental)
no lyrics
shit, it even says instrumental right there
what were you expecting?
Track Name: Crossing The Mighty Crucifixion In The Name Ov Hateful Wrath
Bleeding for the burning darkness,
surrounded by blazing horns.
Gazing over the vast northland,
praising a hateful wood.

Rising from the freezing death,
hearing the blazing pact.
Christ towards burning forevermore,
for the glory of majestic winds.

Gazing over an anti-Christian oath
for the glory of winter cosmos.
Dwelling in a frostbitten wrath,
from blood-red damnation.

Beneath a grim chasm,
invoke the crucified demon.
Forever reigns the winter legion,
bewitched by funeral fog.

Behold the bleakest Northland,
gazing over the melancholic fullmoon.
Into a vast wrath.
Storming a vast horizon.

For the glory of bleakest swords,
bleeding for a pagan cosmos.
Bewitched by satanic desolation,
hailing the crucified glory.
Track Name: In a Dead Legion In The Name Ov Silent Realms
Into spectral hordes,
and dark desolation.
Surrounded by vast chants,
bleeding for the grey pentagram.

From a funeral crucifixion,
beyond melancholic legions,
in hateful chasms,
the Unholy Goat.

Surrounded by frozen legions,
glory over blazing power,
blaspheming a still kingdom,
forever reigns the crucified hell.

Hail the frostbitten mountain,
praising a freezing demon.
Into the satanic storm,
towards evil Hell.

Beholding the spectral pact,
dwelling in the spectral scream.
Storming a melancholic eternity,
hearing a nocturnal death of Christ.

Blaspheming the burning realm,
forever reigns an everlasting pentagram,
worshipping a dark dominion,
with Satanic infinity.

Surrounded by melancholic wrath,
beyond the grim death,
between Northern North,
worshipping a Satanic darkness.
Track Name: Through an Unholy Realm Into Nocturnal Infinity
The majestic hordes.
Unholy might.
The blasphemic North.
Heathen fog.

With majestic eternity,
invoke the dead raven.
Bewitched by frostbitten horizons.
Crossing the heathen storm.

Conquering a heathen mountain,
for the glory of black inferno,
blaspheming the Pagan legion,
war for the everlasting frost of Satanic sin.

Between the blood red shadows,
hearing a still wrath,
forever reigns the funeral kingdom.
Into burning sodomy.

In the name of blazing infinity,
for the glory of bleakest spellcraft,
blaspheming an infernal kingdom,
the heathen chant of eternal blasphemy.

Praise a hateful throne.
Beyond spectral evil.
Satanic sodomy.
Through an Unholy Realm Into Nocturnal Infinity.
Track Name: War For The Eternal Fall Ov Heaven
Lined up on one side,
the demonic army.
On the other our enemy.
Heaven vs. Hell.

The fierce, bloody war,
comes down to this,
its most important battle,
everything is still and silent.


War cries ring out,
both sides charge forward,
clash of steel against steel,
rings out loud.

Infernal blasphemous army,
cutting through the wretched,
army of eternal light,
Lucifer cracks a smile.

Frost and hellfire,
the army of hell.
Light and goodness,
the army of heaven.

Both sides suffering through the night,
the battle rages on and on,
it shows no sign of ending,
the bloodshed is unimaginable.

A glimmer of hope,
for the blasphemous legion,
incantations with pentagram,
have made a horrific creature.

A massive demon with a goat’s head,
rises from the earth and lets out a roar,
that causes the ground to shake.
Air becoming hot from the flames from its mouth.

Burning angel wings,
crackling like a campfire,
the laugh of our infernal lord,
is heard by all on the battlefield.

Many hours later the darkness of night descends.
The dark almost seems symbolic,
of the blasphemous victory,
of the army of hell.

Carrion picked from bones by hellish creatures.
Brotherhood of blood getting their fill.
We return to our frostbitten forests,
waiting for the next battle.
Track Name: Rising From a Satanic Forest Bewitched By Winter Forevermore
From an infernal Northland,
surrounded by mighty underworlds,
hail the winter frost,
rising from a winter wood.

Bewitched by frostbitten witchery,
under unholy chasms.
In frostbitten winter,
praise the bleakest Hell under frozen night.

Bleeding for an infernal blasphemy,
worshiping a frozen infinity,
beyond mighty frosts,
a still death.

Invoking the Satanic forevermore,
of freezing death.
Worshiping the blood red goat,
under frozen twilight.

Hail the satanic winter.
In crucified winter,
war for the dark glory,
of the vast fall of Heaven.
Track Name: Beholding a Mighty Wolf Through Crucified Storms
A storm of angelic arrows,
raining from above,
demonic army ambushed,
feral demon death shrieks.


Cowardly divines,
know they’re losing the war.
Through the arrow storm,
beholding the mighty wolf.

Howl heard by all for leagues,
the wolf god summons his pack,
wolves running at trees,
toward the source of arrows.

Angelic cries,
tide of battle turned,
demonic legion charges,
following the wolves.

With the wolves’ help,
the last battle is quickly won,
victory is soon at hand,
infernal forces will prevail.

Word soon comes,
to the damned army,
the divine army used its remaining forces,
on that last attack.

Army of Heaven,
with not enough angels,
to survive another battle.
Army of Hell still strong.
Track Name: Outro (Into The Nocturnal Wood And Evil Spears)
Infernal chant in hateful woods,
dwelling in the burning cosmos,
Battling for the hateful pentagram,
through blasphemic twilight.

Invoke a Satanic eternity,
war for a crucified infinity.
Surrounded by blasphemic chants,
for the glory of dark winter.

Surrounded by eternal night,
praising the frostbitten forests.
Beneath frostbitten blasphemy,
invoke a satanic underworld.

Now the war is done,
satanic eternity,
until infinity,
never ending night.

Chants upon chants,
rituals upon rituals,
pentagrams upon pentagrams,
blasphemies upon blasphemies,

Battles upon battles,
hell upon heaven,
all has come to this,
the world is thrown into forever night and forest.

forever night and forest
forever night and forest
forever night and forest
forever night and forest