I Butter the Bread With Your Entrails

from by MTDCB

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I am going to kill you
when I kill you I will eat your remains
your remains will be used to butter my bread
your entrails are doomed to my stomach

I'll come up from behind
Chloroform in hand
rag over your mouth
muffled screams suppressed

Deep in my lair
my darkened forest
your screams aren't heard
as I brandish my knife

slow incision
drawn out pain
bloody mess
on the forest floor

slowly made cuts
reveal entrails
I show them to you
as you're still living

in front of your face
put your guts on toast
you faint so I must wake you
and prepare to eat

first bite I put you in my mouth
this is gross why did I...
second bite more of you in me
feel like I need to puke

quickly kill you
so you don't see me vomit
I got my vengeance
I can't believe
another person stole my pencil


from Jeg Bør Smellkyss Min Ereksjon II: Oppblomstringen, released June 8, 2014



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