The Breakdown to End All Breakdowns Part 2

from by MTDCB

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Even better than it was
the last time it's back
The Breakdown to End All Breakdowns (Part 2)
Better than all the rest

So heavy...
so crushing...
prepare to be skullfucked
here it comes


So loud and heavy
unbearably heavy
destroying you
destroying your mind
destroying your body
destroying your soul

this breakdown packs too much power
you should have to sign a waiver
it's dangerous to hear
you might lose your ears

The breakdown switched up
it's faster now
but still brutal
you might not live through this

how are you still listening?
you shouldn't be alive
you should be ground into powder
crushed by the brutality

holy shit did you hear that?
that was a solo
fuck that was good
there wasn't a solo last time

this is totally better than the last time
and that breakdown was insane
this one's too fucking good
oh shit I think it's gonna end!

well shit
it's over
back to non-breakdowns
life sucks

congratulations though
you survived the crushing
brutal riffs falling onto you
you deserve a medal


from Jeg Bør Smellkyss Min Ereksjon II: Oppblomstringen, released June 8, 2014



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