Jeg Bør Smellkyss Min Ereksjon II: Oppblomstringen


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MTDCB's second demo! This time a more focused effort, this album is sure to destroy your feeble minds!


released June 8, 2014




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Track Name: Dark Forest of Night
Dark forest of night
Evil plotting of satan
In here it isn't bright
It is here that I am waiting

Blood of virgin sacrificed
In the dark by candlelight
To feed my master's dark appetite
I am Lucifer's acolyte

Dark forest of night
Hear master's voice to me
Saying things quite perverse
To most people but I'm worse
Than most

"Master I'm not adverse
to your desires"
I say as we converse
by candles' fires

Out of the dark forest of night
Nihilistic onslaught
without any forethought
slaughtering the innocents
who live in ignorance

Back to the dark forest of night
With my dark deed done
I retreat to my lair
where not seen is the sun
nor heard is a prayer
Track Name: The Return... (Of David Vincent)
Song on a topic
two years outdated,
but they've got sick grooves
and fucking magic to prove.

Message boards exploding,
Regulars complaining,
trolls incoming,
"Far better than Altars."

David Vincent's been
crossing the
terrible album line
since 2011.

Horrendous Rammstein-esque
Death Metal abomination,
"Kill a cop, kill a kill a cop".


Tell David Vincent
and his dildo to
get the fuck out
of the band.

Track Name: Misanthropic Winter
Decimating winter winds
here it's so... cold...
the wait for end is
so... long...


They watch through the
swirling clouds of white
obscuring all view
but their's is unimpaired

Genocide of all living
none are safe
hidden or in the open
they'll get you too

Beings more than human
and nigh unkillable
unseen and unheard
within the blizzards

Ultimate misanthropy
death of life
widespread killings
obscured in clouds of white


After the cold is gone
so too is mankind
clouds of white
cause clouds of red
all must die
Misanthropic Winter
Track Name: Ingen Tekstene På Denne Ene
No lyrics available.
Track Name: I Butter the Bread With Your Entrails
I am going to kill you
when I kill you I will eat your remains
your remains will be used to butter my bread
your entrails are doomed to my stomach

I'll come up from behind
Chloroform in hand
rag over your mouth
muffled screams suppressed

Deep in my lair
my darkened forest
your screams aren't heard
as I brandish my knife

slow incision
drawn out pain
bloody mess
on the forest floor

slowly made cuts
reveal entrails
I show them to you
as you're still living

in front of your face
put your guts on toast
you faint so I must wake you
and prepare to eat

first bite I put you in my mouth
this is gross why did I...
second bite more of you in me
feel like I need to puke

quickly kill you
so you don't see me vomit
I got my vengeance
I can't believe
another person stole my pencil
Track Name: The Breakdown to End All Breakdowns Part 2
Even better than it was
the last time it's back
The Breakdown to End All Breakdowns (Part 2)
Better than all the rest

So heavy...
so crushing...
prepare to be skullfucked
here it comes


So loud and heavy
unbearably heavy
destroying you
destroying your mind
destroying your body
destroying your soul

this breakdown packs too much power
you should have to sign a waiver
it's dangerous to hear
you might lose your ears

The breakdown switched up
it's faster now
but still brutal
you might not live through this

how are you still listening?
you shouldn't be alive
you should be ground into powder
crushed by the brutality

holy shit did you hear that?
that was a solo
fuck that was good
there wasn't a solo last time

this is totally better than the last time
and that breakdown was insane
this one's too fucking good
oh shit I think it's gonna end!

well shit
it's over
back to non-breakdowns
life sucks

congratulations though
you survived the crushing
brutal riffs falling onto you
you deserve a medal